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Build Your Team

It is key as an NFL athlete to capitalize on the unique opportunities afforded to you during your playing career.

Based on your notoriety, entertainers, high-level executives, and other distinguished community members will be more likely to form relationships with you that will lead to opportunity and potential partnerships.

QC Sports maintains a prominent reputation for aligning clients with powerful decision makers to open doors during and after their careers. This includes marketing, branding, endorsements, community relations, and post-career development.


Identify Your Passion

For the modern-day athlete, creating a positive brand is integral to success.


QC Sports will develop a personalized strategy for each player focused on identifying their passion and integrating philanthropic efforts into it. We maximize our clients’ visibility by leveraging their brand through social media, networking, and public relations.

This creates opportunity and financial gain immediately, and for the future.


QC Sports emphasizes the full development of its clients’ professional and commercial opportunities through actions such as:

Product and Event Endorsements

Corporate Affiliations

Personal Appearances



Licensing and Merchandising

QC Sports will prepare, organize, and schedule numerous media outlets to provide various opportunities to develop your brand.  Our expertise will prepare you for:


Radio & Television Exposure

Growing Social Media Presence

Coordinating and Distributing Press Releases

QC Sports has an excellent reputation with many of today’s top media outlets. QC Sports has had the
privilege of working with:




QC Sports tailors a custom marketing plan for each individual client, focusing on endorsement opportunities, social networking, and image enhancement.


This is achieved through industry-leading contacts, corporations, third-party marketing arms, the NFL, and the NFLPA. We create innovative arrangements with companies to maximize and expand each player’s brand. By increasing the positive awareness of our athletes, additional sources of revenue are added to our clients' portfolios.

Endorsement and personal appearance opportunities are significant factors in developing and increasing the image of our athletes both on and off the playing field. QC Sports evaluates each potential offer and works with our client to select opportunities based on the brand fit between the athlete and the company.


By taking this approach and identifying opportunities, the athlete is in a position to build relationships that enhance their career after football.


Give Back

QC Sports has ongoing relationships with several different charities. We encourage our athletes to give back to their community and other charitable causes. QC Sports has supported and helped our clients get involved with these organizations and start foundations that benefit the causes they believe in.

It is vital that athletes be actively involved in their communities and build valuable relationships with community leaders. QC Sports helps our clients enhance relationships and create opportunities during and after their careers.


It's a Lifelong Relationship

QC Sports takes pride in maintaining our relationships with clients and helping them make their transition from being an athlete to going into life after football. This process begins during the player’s career by networking, building a base of professional contacts, and adopting a sense of financial responsibility.

QC Sports takes an active approach in working with NFL athletes during their playing careers. This ensures their financial well-being.

Aiding in financial decisions and setting goals, the transition will allow them and their family to live comfortably after athletic retirement.

By analyzing past education, experiences, and contacts, QC Sports will develop a personalized career framework through:

  • Identifying job opportunities

  • Developing a resume

  • Analyzing future career paths

  • Providing letters of recommendation

  • Utilizing our affiliate program and business relationships to help jump-start a new career

  • Leveraging professional athletic status with financial contacts to build a long-term financial plan




QC Sports chooses to represent an exclusive group of athletes every season.

We focus on a small and select class of clientele in order to ensure maximum career development.

We invite you to become part of the QC Sports family.

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